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CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy)
CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy)
CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy)

CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy)

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CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy) converts ANT+ radio signal to the industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy connections.The ANT+ data is available in any application capable of consuming BLE profile data.

If you have ANT + only sensors (Garmin Cadence, speed, and HR for example ) and are planning on using apps like Zwift on iOS or Apple TV this is the perfect solution for you. The CABLE will connect to multiple ANT devices (one of each type), convert and broadcast the data across one Bluetooth connection.

This is the only stand-alone ANT+ to BLE converter on the market! 

The supported ANT+ profiles are Heart Rate, Bike Power, Bike Speed & Cadence, Running Speed & Cadence, Crank Torque and Fitness Equipment. The supported Bike Power profiles include Power Only, Wheel Torque, Crank Torque and Crank Torque Frequency. 

Check out for a Product review and data test from Shane Miller - GPLama 

Twelve (12) Month Limited Warranty, backed by Manufacturer and we are the only official New Zealand North Pole Engineering Product Re-seller and distributor.

For more information on how to use your CABLE product and access the Setup Guide and FAQ, please visit

To begin using your CABLE, download CABLE Util from the AppStore! CABLE Util works on any iOS device. 

CABLE Util is not available for MAC or Android devices, although the CABLE will work, once configured, with these devices as well as iOS.