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MYRUN Treadmill Rental

MYRUN Treadmill Rental

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Our MyRun Treadmill Rental Package is the smart choice when it comes to treadmill rentals. 

  • Connect to the native TechnoGym Live app, Zwift or Rouvy for a more interactive indoor running experience. 
  • The sleek and minimalistic design means the MyRun won't look out of place in your living room, Bedroom, or Garage.
  • No Bond, administration, delivery or setup fees.
  • 50% of rental paid credit back towards purchase of New equipment (capped at 24 weeks rental duration)

Please note due to size and shipping logistics we have minimum rental durations for delivery outside of Auckland.  

Unfortunately this Rental is not available in the South Island.

MyRun Product Details

MYRUN TECHNOGYM® is more than a treadmill. It is the first solution for running that seamlessly integrates a treadmill and a native app that syncs to your tablet, and is designed to offer you the ultimate running experience, with personalised training programmes and instant running feedback. This will improve the way you run. Forever.

MYRUN is a compact running machine, which has won many design awards. The minimalistic design will perfectly suit most interiors. This professional and gym quality treadmill is big on impact and small in size. MYRUN is also easy to set up and use. Designed to be set up in just a matter of minutes, it can be unboxed and assembled ready for you to start running with the touch of a button. Look here for the treadmill mounting instructions. MYRUN is a silent treadmill that offers a smooth and quiet run, even at 12.4 mph! It also has a maximum incline of 12%, perfect for training fell runs and overall cardio conditioning. The MYRUN home treadmill offers a realistic running experience which also has an adaptive running surface. This means the treadmill surface absorbs impact without slowing you down. In addition, it dampens the force making it kind to joints and gives you the rebound you need to keep your running momentum.

Connect with Zwift

Connect the MYRUN app to Zwift and get ready to challenge your friends directly from home. Experience the excitement of virtual reality in scenarios like Watopia, Richmond or London, showing others your progress with MYRUN.

Intelligent and environmentally friendly

Thanks to the Wake Up Sensor, the MYRUN TECHNOGYM® senses your presence as soon as you step onto the machine, starting up automatically. It is the only treadmill in its category which can boast minimal environmental impact, with extremely low energy consumption on stand-by of less than 0.5 W.

Maximum comfort, minimum footprint

MYRUN TECHNOGYM® brings you the same feeling of space as a professional treadmill, in a compact footprint. With 55% usable space, this treadmill offers the best running space to footprint ratio in its category.


Length (mm | in) : 1760 | 69.3
Width (mm | in) : 785 | 30.9
Height (mm | in) : 1260 | 49.6
Weight (kg | lbs): 92 | 202.8
Running Surface (Length) (mm | in) : 1430 | 56.3
Running Surface (Width) (mm | in) : 500 | 19.7
Motor power continuous duty : 220 V– 2.5 HP / 110 V – 3.0 HP
Min Speed (km/h | mph) : 0.8 | 0.5
Max speed (km/h | mph) : 20 | 12.4
Incline (Min) : 0%
Incline (Max) : 12%
Running surface height above ground (mm | in) : 170 mm | 6.7 in

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