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Bike Rakz EZI Hold

Bike Rakz EZI Hold

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 The BIKE RAKZ EZI HOLD  wall-mounted Bike Rack is a minimalist-inspired storage solution. The EZI-HOLD is introducing a -85°~+65° side-to-side movement. This allows moving bikes like turning pages in a book, providing easier access to your hanging bikes and taking them down. The wheel strap prevents the front wheel from moving or swinging out, protecting walls and other items from damage.

The EZI HOLD can be placed in apartments, homes, garages and sheds. It is compatible with universal bike types: road, hybrid, cyclocross, MTB, BMX bikes and etc. up to 30kg/66lbs. This one helps free-up your floor space, make your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free!


  • No Heavy Lifting: just balance the bike on the rear wheel and push it into the rack
  • DIY wall display allows for individual design for bike lovers
  • Wall Mounted Tyre Stop: protects the bike and the wall from scratches


    Weight Capacity - 30kg
    Max tyre width - 90mm
    Colours - Black, Black-Red
    Dimensions - 82 x 250 x 185mm
    Warranty - 5 years
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