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Magene L308 Intelligent Expression Tail Light

Magene L308 Intelligent Expression Tail Light

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MAGENE L308 is an intelligent taillight that supports customizations.

  • 96 COB LED Lights 
  • Connect to OnelapFit App & draw on your screen freely to create your own light style.
  • 3 Customised emoji: Patterns, Scrolling messages, GIFs

Smart Braking Sensor: Safety, Fun, Both Combined

The L308 intelligent expression tail light is equipped with a high-precision acceleration sensor that can quickly detect even slight braking & enter a 3-second high-intensity flashing mode. It efficiently alerts vehicles & pedestrians behind you, safeguarding your cycling safety. When you are riding in a peloton, this function can quickly prompt the rear riders to slow down in case of emergency braking. 

Auto-Sleep & Auto wake: No battery anxiety

L308 Intelligent expression tail light supports vibration sensing and it can automatically enter sleep mode if it's stationary for over 1 to 10 minutes(can be set freely) and automatically wake up when you start moving. 

Ultra-long duration, Real-time battery display

The L308 intelligent expression tail light can reach a maximum battery life of 50 hours (affected by custom settings & usage environment)

When using the intelligent expression tail light, you can double-click the button to view the battery level for 3 seconds. The intelligent expression tail light will display the real-time batter level while charging. 


  • Lightweight Design- 23g
  • USB-C charging port
  • IPX6 weather rating
  • Battery life: 5h- 50h(dependant on settings & environment)


12 Months

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