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SHOKZ OpenFit AIR True Wireless Earbuds

SHOKZ OpenFit AIR True Wireless Earbuds

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Secure Fit, Effortless Comfort.
Introducing the OpenFit Air – your dream open ear earbuds, bettered. Featuring our signature open-ear design, an adaptable ear hook for improved comfort, and weighing only 8.7 g*, it’s not just what you want; it's what you didn't know you needed.


Wobble-free, Snug Fit
Featuring an ultra-fine 0.75mm flexible Ni-Ti memory alloy with a soft silicone finish, our Air-Earhook design keeps your earbuds snugly in place.

Teardrop-shaped cross-section
Designed with a teardrop-shaped cross-section, the larger lower part minimizes pressure during long listening sessions, and the smaller top section allows you to wear glasses effortlessly with your earbuds. 

Adaptable Earhook Design
We just made ear hooks better with a pliable cutout design that folds around the curves of every ear - practically like a shape-shifter. And the bigger contact area adds an extra layer of stability to the mix.

Ergonomic Dual-Bevel Design
Meet the OpenFit Air’s ergonomic dual-bevel design, straight from the genius minds at Shokz Labs.  Through extensive studies and tests, they didn’t just engineer a fit; they engineered a steadfast, secure, stable fit — and looking sleek from the front. 


Shokz DirectPitch™ for Open-Ear Listening 
OpenFit Air is your sound done right. With our exclusive DirectPitch™ tech, we're not just talking balanced; we're talking precise, keeping your audio where it belongs with even less sound leakage. And those specially designed tuning holes? They're all about keeping your tunes clear and natural.

Packed with a custom dynamic driver unit, the OpenFit Air delivers sound akin to a 16mm prototype, while the composite diaphragm ensures balanced highs, mids, and bass. Paired with built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC), EQ levels adapt in real-time, hitting all the right notes. Personalize your sound even more with the Shokz App and four preset EQ modes.

  • 18 x 11 mm composite dynamic driver unit - Powerful, rich audio details with precision
  • High-strength dome-shaped diaphragm - Every acoustic vibration directed with incredible accuracy
  • Polymer surround - Immersive audio with deep bass


Smart Bass Vibes
With Shokz OpenBass™ Air, our proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm, these earbuds bring deep bass and detailed richness without unnecessary fuss. Positioned to vibe with your ear canal, they're all about that perfect bass.

Sleek Silverlight Finish
Meticulously crafted, OpenFit Air radiates vitality with elegance. The matte silicone surface combined with a metallic silverlight ring creates a stunning visual effect that's all about the beauty of tech. 
Choose from 3 stunning colours to effortlessly match your style, bold or minimalistic.

Open-Ear Listening for Transparency**
Become the ultimate multitasker with Shokz's exclusive open-ear design. Stay plugged into the real world while you’re on the move, taking a breather, or managing that to-do list.

Enjoy running with your friends and music.

Maintain situational awareness for safety during outdoor activities

Work & Study 
Stay focused on your task while being still prepared to converse.

Enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks without missing family time.

Smart Mic, Clear Voice
With OpenFit Air, every word counts. 4 microphones play it smart, tracking your voice precisely with Adaptive Beamforming. And thanks to Qualcomm cVc 8.0, background noise takes a backseat — reduced by an impressive 96.5%3. Hear and be heard, clear as crystal. 

One Full Charge,  More Listening Sessions***
With up to 6 hours on a single charge and a total of 28 hours with the charging case, these earbuds keep your playlists going. And for those impromptu jam sessions, a quick 10-minute charge serves up an extra 2 hours of listening time.


Sweat & Water-Resistant****
With IP54 water and sweat resistance, your OpenFit Air is ready for anything. Splashes and spills when you’re on the move? No worries! Pushing your limits with the sweatiest workouts? Go for it!

Instant Pairing. Stable Connection.
Cut the cords for seamless connectivity with OpenFit Air. Feel the freedom of a 10-meter Bluetooth 5.2 range, pair your device simply by flipping open the case, and enjoy silky-smooth performance even when using a single earbud. 

OpenFit Air Shokz App
Tailor your listening experience with the Shokz App's customization features. Download the Shokz App to enjoy MultiPoint Pairing, personalized EQ modes, customizable button functions, access real-time battery information, and receive firmware updates. Get all the essentials in one intuitive app.

MultiPoint Pairing
Master multitasking with multipoint pairing. Simultaneously syncs with two devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, on Android, iOS, or Windows. Seamlessly switch devices with a simple tap as you switch from homework to workouts, to taking it easy. 

Intuitive Touch Controls
OpenFit Air puts control at your fingertips — literally. The touch controls, with their clear beveled edges, turn your earbuds into a command central. And with the Shokz App, you can personalize your button configurations for commands that are uniquely yours. From calls to tunes, adjust everything with a double-tap or long-press.

L or R

  • Double-tap either earbud - Answer/End Call

  • Double-tap while playing music → Play/Pause music
  • Long-press for 2 seconds during music or calls - Volume down one level


  • Double-tap while playing music - Next track    
  • Long-press for 2 seconds during music or calls - Volume up one level



  • Speaker type - Air conduction transducer
  • Frequency response - 50Hz-16kHz
  • Speaker sensitivity - 95.5 dB±2.5dB
  • Microphone sensitivity - -38 dB ±1dB
  • Bluetooth® version - Bluetooth 5.2
  • Compatible profiles - A2DP,AVRCP,HFP
  • Materials Earbuds - Plastic, Silicone, Stainless steel (steel mesh)
  • Charging case - Plastic
  • Charge voltage - 5V±5%
  • Frequency band - 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
  • Wireless range - 33ft (10m)
  • Battery - Li-ion battery
  • Continuous play***  
    • Up to 6 hours of music time with a single charge
    • up to 28 hours with charging case
    • Up to 4.3 hours of calling time with a single charge, up to 20 hours with charging case
    • Standby time Up to 30 days
  • Charge time
    • Charge the earbuds with the charging case - 60 minutes
    • Empty case with charging cable - 120 minutes
    • Quick charge - 10-minute charge gives 2 hour of battery life (music)
  • Weight
    • Earbuds - 8.7g ± 0.2g
    • Charging case - 56.4g ± 2g
    • Total weight - 73.8g ± 2.4g
  • Sweat resistance****
    • Earbuds - IP54
    • Charging case - Not waterproof
  • Battery capacity - Earbuds: 40mAh (Min)
  • Charging case - 600mAh (Min)
  • Audio codecs supported - AAC SBC



*Data was gathered from Shokz testing labs and the specific weight may vary by ± 0.2 grams.

**When using during outdoor activity, please ensure earbuds are being properly worn and control the volume to ensure that you can hear your surroundings, including traffic signals, passersby, etc. Using OpenFit Air while riding or driving may distract your attention and have higher risk of sports injury and traffic accident; using OpenFit Air while riding or driving may violate local laws or community regulations, use this product in compliance with local laws and community regulations.

***This data was gathered at the Shokz Lab in a temperature-controlled environment of 25±2 °C, playing ACC-encoded audio at a 50% volume and all other features set to default. The actual battery life depends on the volume, sound source, degree of environmental interference, product features, use habits, and other factors. Quick charging requires the charging case to be in the green light prompt state.

****IP54 water-resistance only applies to the earbuds, and charging case is not rated waterproof. OpenFit Air was tested under controlled laboratory conditions and has a rating of IP54 under IEC standard 60529. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Please do not submerge or expose OpenFit Air for an extended period to water. Please do not attempt to charge a wet OpenFit Air.

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