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Theragun PRO Plus by Therabody — The ultimate multi-therapy massage device including six science-backed treatments

Theragun PRO Plus goes where no massage device has gone before, merging six science-backed therapies — percussive therapy, near infrared LED light therapy, vibration therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy (sold separately) and breathwork — for limitless treatment options. 

Tap into your ideal mindset with guided breathwork, laying the foundation for more integrated mind-body treatments. Use each therapy individually or combine them to more efficiently support mind and body, including both muscles and joints. Equipped with step-by-step routines and a built-in biometric sensor for personalized insights, Theragun PRO Plus makes your comprehensive treatment incredibly user-friendly. Trusted by professionals using therapies scientifically proven to relieve pain, improve mobility and optimize recovery, this versatile device is a game-changer.

Designed with strict quality and safety standards, Theragun PRO Plus is an FDA registered medical device.

Science-Backed Benefits

  • Relieve pain
  • Recover faster
  • Treat joints
  • Improve mobility
  • Enhance performance


Interested to know more about the proven scientific benefits of Therabody Theragun? 

Find out here


Muscles. Joints. Mind. Comprehensive treatment for almost any pain point.
Theragun PRO Plus goes beyond traditional therapies to integrate six science-backed innovations to treat mind and body, muscles, and joints: deep muscle percussive therapy, near infrared LED light therapy, vibration therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy (sold separately) and breathwork.

Science-backed recovery you can trust
Theragun PRO Plus therapies all deliver the science-backed optimal dose of percussive, near infrared LED, heat, cold and vibration therapy — tested and validated with strict safety and quality standards.

Powerful 16mm percussive massage therapy
Theragun PRO Plus provides our signature 16mm treatment depth, offering a powerful, invigorating experience and targeting deep-seated muscle soreness for faster recovery and long-lasting pain relief. Perfect for those who prefer a more intense massage or want to maximize athletic performance.

5 percussive therapy attachments to treat different areas of your body

  • Standard Ball - All-over body massage to reduce tension.
  • Dampener - Reduce aches and pains for tender or sensitive areas.
  • Thumb - Lower back and trigger points to ease painful knots.
  • Micro-point - Increase circulation and stimulate recovery.
  • Wedge - Shoulder blades, IT bands, scraping, and flushing.

Vibration therapy attachment
Relieve joint pain and treat sensitive areas with the vibration attachment. Choose from three speeds to customize your treatment intensity.

Heat therapy attachment
Loosen up stiff muscles and accelerate recovery using the heat attachment with percussive therapy. Theragun PRO Plus provides three temperature levels: 45, 50, 55 Celsius / 113, 122, 131 Fahrenheit.

Built-in near infrared LED light therapy
Theragun PRO Plus includes built-in near infrared LED light therapy which can be combined with other therapies to maximize your treatments.

Cold therapy attachment (sold separately)
Purchase the Theragun PRO Plus cold therapy attachment – sold separately – to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. The cold attachment syncs with your device to provide three temperature levels: 5, 10, 15 Celsius / 41, 50, 59 Fahrenheit.

Maximize your treatment with guided breathwork
Breathwork is scientifically proven to help your body relax, improve recovery, and sleep better. Theragun PRO Plus offers guided breathwork featuring haptic vibration cues that work in tandem with TheraMind sound therapy and relaxing visualizations in the Therabody app to provide an immersive breathwork experience.

Personalized insights
Theragun PRO Plus' calming breathwork routines are enhanced by personalized insights from the biometric sensor, showcasing your lowest heart rate at the end of each session.

Step-by-step visually-guided routines
Take the guesswork out of feeling — and performing — better with Theragun PRO Plus, featuring 5 step-by-step, visually-guided routines and an LCD display screen for easy navigation.

Patented ergonomic grip
Get maximum massage pressure, leverage and full-body reach with Theragun PRO Plus' patented ergonomic triangle grip.

An immersive, customized experience with Therabody app integration
Download the Therabody app and explore our library of warm-up and recovery routines. Learn the best way to use each therapy for maximum benefits based on your
unique needs, and save your favorite routines directly to your Theragun PRO Plus

Free TheraMind Sound Therapy
Optimize your Theragun PRO Plus sessions using TheraMind sound therapy designed to support relaxation, sleep and recovery, exclusively in the Therabody app.

Get personalized relaxation with the Heartbeat routine in the Therabody app
This science-backed routine can help you relax by gently lowering your heart rate with haptic vibration cues. Your device will vibrate like a heartbeat, at a lower frequency than your heart rate. Your body will naturally want to match that rhythm and begin beating at a more relaxed rate.

150 min battery life with USB-C charging*
*This can change depending on the use of other attachments:

  • Heating + Percussive + LED therapy = 60 min
  • Cold therapy only = 130 min (max temperature), 270 min (min temperature)
  • Vibration therapy only = 130 min

What's Included

  • Theragun PRO Plus Device
  • Built-in LED light therapy
  • Built-in Biometric sensor
  • 5 massage attachments:
    • Standard ball
    • Dampener
    • Thumb
    • Wedge
    • Micro-point
  • Heat therapy attachment
  • Vibration therapy attachment
  • QuietForce solution
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Travel pouch
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